Kids Camp offered through Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation

Do you know a child who is grieving due to a recent loss?   We still have openings for our Kid’s Camp sponsored by Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation!   Our camp is overseen by credentialed and licensed Clinical and Master’s level Social Worker and Psychology staff.  Our camp staff and volunteers are highly trained and specialize in grief and loss.    Kid’s Camp has designed fun, interactive activities for the children, age 6 to 12, to bond and share, play and gain tools to help them with their grief.

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A place for grieving children to connect.






Setting New Goals

With the Olympics going on, we can all set our own personal goals!


What do we do when our life falls apart and we can’t put it back together the way it was? It’s as if we worked all weekend putting together a puzzle with 1000 pieces. We only have about 20 pieces to go when the dog runs through the family room chasing the cat, slams into the card table sending the puzzle pieces flying through the air. Pieces land everywhere; in the fish tank, in sis’s plate of food and glass of wine and even between couch cushions! We realize we’ll never be able to put the puzzle back together.

Isn’t that the way it goes in our lives sometimes?

It may be an earthquake, flood or tornado that scatters our material possessions all over the place. Or a divorce that scatters family members into several different states. Perhaps there’s an illness and an early, unexpected retirement surfaces. Or what about an accident that causes someone to become a paraplegic. They can no longer drive their dream car.

So now what??? First we must go through the grieving process and come to accept our loss. Maybe then, instead of seeing our glass half empty we can see it as our glass half filled.

When our material possessions are scattered from a natural disaster, we may find the sugar bowl and creamer set from our fine china that was intact. We might place it on the mantel or table as an even more cherished item. In a divorce, or death of a spouse, it may be establishing a better relationship with our children. In other life altering situations from illness or an accident, it may be giving up a career and going back to school for more education to pursue another passion.

For the paraplegic who had to give up his job, perhaps with a settlement, he’s able to pursue a passion for painting and become an artist. Having the funds to travel the world and paint the most amazing paintings. These are goals to give us hope. It’s finding a new path in life and viewing new scenery along the way.

So like putting a puzzle together, we have to put a plan together….

For some, we may need a life coach to get us started or to guide us through the process. It’s a matter of making goals and breaking it down into one step at a time and “To Do Lists”.

In a divorce or family death, a goal may be getting counseling for the children. What would be the first step? From experience, my first step was to research professional counselors. Step 2 was calling and setting up an appointment. The third step was taking my children to the appointment. Once we managed to get there, the counselor then had steps for us to meet our own goals.

I’m sure most of us have had a life detour at one time or another. As we made a new normal, it was like taking a different path on our journey and experiencing new scenery.

In my situation of becoming a widow, I had to give up my job. This led me to go back to college at the age of 37. You’re never too old for an education! I took an Anthropology course and traveled to the Yucatan in Mexico. I was able to climb the incredible Mayan Ruins and sleep on the Guatemala beach listening to the howling monkeys near by in the jungle.

This only enriched my life as I began putting my life back together with new pieces and making a new picture. So despite our life detours, we can always regain our hope in a new journey!


Taken from a facebook friend, Mary Kate Cranston, who has a blog “Cry Laugh Heal”:

How do you deal with change? Here’s a new post about when life pushes us in a new direction. It sounds funny to say but change is definitely a constant of life. As David Bowie wrote in his classic hit song, Changes, you not only have to turn and face the strange but you also have to turn and face the strain because life is making you move on by rewriting your script.

On a morning walk in my neighborhood yesterday, I came upon a middle-aged man standing inside a huge moving van parked on the street. He was calmly…

I used to think people only grieved when a love one died. After my first husband died, I  learned more about grief. I realized people go through grief over many reasons. Perhaps if we know we’re going through grief, such as stages of depression or anger, we’ll realize there’s logic to why we feel the way we do. This short clip may bring more understanding to grief experiences from losses we may never have thought about…..

Sometimes, when we lose a loved one, we may focus so much on the cause of death, that it can prevent ourselves from progressing through other stages of grief. So we shouldn’t only think about the cause of death that can make us crazy but we must give more  attention to remembering the good times with our loved one who can make us smile.

The Grief Recovery Method, uses many videos to assist those grieving with some helpful thoughts and advice.

Watch this video as Cole and Russell discuss the trap of getting stuck focusing solely on the cause of death.

Cover Page 

 You are invited to attend a book signing for author Cynthia A. Adams:

Saturday 3/19/16 from 1-3 pm @ Family Christian Stores 3330 Satellite Blvd Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 497-9368


If you already have a copy of “A Widow’s Pursuit” buy one for a friend – this book makes a great gift for anyone grieving over a loved one!


 For more information, please email author Cindy Adams at http://www.cindyspursuits@yahoo.com

 Can’t make the event? Click here to visit our online bookstore to get a copy!

The following email I received from the owner of “Bobamocha” where I gave a book signing back in January. It was very encouraging to me to say the least! I wanted to share what he had to say (with his permission) of what he thought about my book:  

Hi Cynthia,
This is Ken from Bobamocha. I want to say thank you again for doing your book signing at our store. It was such an honor to have met you. Also, thank you for giving me one of your books. I am almost done reading it and I am very impressed by it. It is by far one of the more professionally written books I had read. I appreciate your honesty and the details in your book. Even though I personally am not a widow, I am very much touched by it. I can only imagine what it can and will do for people who are going through it. You are a very detail oriented writer and that is very impressive. What impressed me even more is your faith in God and the guts of going forward  in writing and finishing writing the book when it is very personal. For most people, it will just be talks and unfulfilled dreams of wanting to write but never got to it. You had taken a step of faith in making this dream come true even though it was not easy. You had blessed me with your testimony and everyone else who has the privilege to read it. God bless you and cannot wait to see you again!
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