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CrossOnHeart-300x225I’m a firm believer that we need to do whatever we must to get through grief. This means, on Valentine’s Day, not to care what other people think on whatever you decide to do! You may want to stay at home or you may want to volunteer somewhere. This article gives some good ideas of other ways to get through the day. You may want to honor your loved one and make it a Valentine’s tradition!

This article “How to Survive Valentine’s Grief” shares some very good tips on how to cope your way!




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Unknown-150x150[1]Widows may be having a difficult week, with Valentine’s Day around the corner. If you know a widow, and would like to give her a gift, please read this post, from Carolyn Moor, that will give you helpful ideas. Carolyn’s husband died on Valentine’s Day and she has since founded the MWC “Modern Widows Club” which is a national club with over 11 million members.

Best Valentine Gifts for Widows: by Carolyn Moor

Well, it’s the season of red hot love, pink and white marketing and little blue boxes of affection everywhere you look. As widows, I know this stops you in your tracks a bit depending where you are in your journey.

And ladies, I get it. I lost my husband on Valentine’s Day.

In the first few years, I ignored it and ran the other direction like it was the plague. See more…

Each widow handles grief in her own way with different needs. Some may just want a friend to talk to with a listening ear. Being a friend to a widow, especially on Valentine’s Day, can mean more then you’ll ever know. Been there!

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