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A_Widow's_Pursuit_Cover_for_KindlePurchase, “A Widow’s Pursuit”, here.

When Cindy suddenly became a 34 year old widow, with two young children, she was thrown into shock. Due to her Christian upbringing, she immediately found peace by clinging to her faith.  Once reality surfaced, she was overwhelmed with responsibilities and unfamiliar feelings. She had to figure out a way not to feel the pain. She overindulged in unhealthy and risky behaviors. Due to her negligence, a terrible accident happened to her daughter.  Embarrassed of how out of control she had been, she realized she needed God’s help. By no longer dodging her grief, she’d cry every night and trusted God to take away her pain and heal her broken heart.  She found herself moving forward and finding comforting moments. Then there were days she’d collapse in despair. Old memories could trigger panic attacks. Childhood memories revealed that her deceased husband was only part of her past. She then reached a point where she accepted her loss. Being a single mom brought about a lot of confusion with new relationships. She struggled with males over being just friends, going on dates, as well as getting in vulnerable situations.  Going through grief wasn’t easy, but Cindy realized that as long as she pursued God’s will for her life, she would reap more peace and comfort.  Once through her grief, she understood the meaning of her journey. She became more compassionate to others that had experienced losses. She was able to make new goals as she went back to school and obtained a LMSW degree in social work.  A WIDOW’S PURSUIT: Finding Out There’s More to Life Than Grief, is not only written from Cindy’s grief years, but beyond. Grief had become only a small part of her life. This book is a complete journey through Cindy’s grief and finding an amazing life after her loss.



By   Lori T   on September 21, 2013

  Not only is Cindy Adam’s one of my best friends, but she is an inspirational mentor in my life. Cindy’s journey through grief is a true testament of the faith and love that she has in her heavenly Father. Cindy has helped me in my life’s journey more times than she’ll ever know!  I highly recommend that you read Cindy Adam’s book:  A Widow’s Pursuit: Finding Out There’s More To Life Than Grief.

By  Carol K   on September 21, 2013

  This book is special to me because of my personal friendship with the author, but I truly believe this would be an encouraging and uplifting read for anyone who is/has gone through the painful, unimaginable loss of someone they love ~ whether through death or divorce. One thing that has stayed with me after reading this book is that while we will ALWAYS love the person we lost, we can also learn to remember that they were not the only part of who we were/are. We have a past and a future and God will be with us every baby step of the way. Enjoy this easy-to-read, don’t-want-to-put-it-down, wonderful book.”

By  Lynn   on August 13, 2013

  I really felt as though I were going along with Cindy and her family during the experience.  She expressed all the emotion as the reality set in, and didn’t spare any details regarding her grief process- which is one of the reasons I think this book will be such a help to people going through losses.  The honesty comes through, as does her walk towards recovering and dealing with what her life had been handed. It is an excellent example of encouragement and healing, and inspiration to those who need to find their own peace.
  Although the story is about Cindy’s personal journey as a young widow with two young children, her story is an inspiration for anyone who has gone through a loss.  Her faith in God shines throughout the book, and it is a must read for anyone dealing with grief. The message is clear – that there is hope and “more to life than grief”
  Not only do I want to share with you that Cindy is a remarkable writer, but she has taught me about life and how you never know what tomorrow will bring you. She is a mentor and friend to me and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing mother! I thank God every night for the life I have. I give it all to him and thank him for blessing me with such a kind, compassionate mother.

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025Hi friends! I was born Cynthia Ann Abramovitch and go by “Cindy”. I grew up in New Jersey and at 21 yrs old, I had to spread my wings and moved to California. There I pursued a hairdressing career and got married, becoming Cynthia Acevedo. Soon we were a family of four and decided to move back east, closer to our families. We settled in Florida and 3 years later, at 34 years of age, I became a widow. My husband, Nelson, went into the hospital with pneumonia, and 3 weeks later he died. We had been married for 11 years, and our two daughters, Jessica and Nicole were 6 and 7 years old at the time. I guess one never knows what tomorrow will bring, when dreams of happily ever after are shattered!

I began to work through grief. I tried doing it my way…but that didn’t go so well. There were many foolish things I did while I wasn’t in my right mind. So I pursued my faith and surrendered to God’s new plan for my life. As he led me through grief, my heart healed, and I was able to let go of the past. I then awakened to a new life of being a single mom with new dreams and goals.

I did some more traveling and moved a few more times before settling in Georgia. Then, after 14 years of single life, I fell in love again, and married Joseph in 2009. I’m now Cynthia Adams. So I went from “Abramovitch” to “Acevedo” to “Adams” …AB…AC…AD. I don’t know why, but I find that fascinating. LOL!  And… I’ve always been able to keep my initials of CAA!

Living in Georgia, I pursued and completed a master’s degree in social work and obtained my LMSW in 2010. I presently work as a medical social worker for a home health agency. Through my writing and social work career, I continue to reach out to others that are grieving and looking for hope.

In 2012 I published my book, “A Widow’s Pursuit: Finding Out There’s More to Life Than Grief“.  I spoke this past September (2013) at a grief support group “H.U.G.S” (Healing Under God’s Sovereignty) about Filling the Void in Grief. I’ll continue to spread the Word, that it is only with God’s Grace, that he is able to fill our void with his PEACE.

10 Fun and/or Interesting Facts About Cindy:

1) I love motorcycle riding (especially in the fall in the Georgia mountains!)

Motorcycle ride

2) I’ve lived in New Jersey, California, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Georgia

3) I have to visit a Beach with Palm Trees at least once a year for tranquility

Puerto Rico 2013 020

Puerto Rico 2013

4) I’ll keep my daughters now that they’re grown 🙂 (I was willing at one time to give them away!)

Our New Life in Georgia

5)  You can’t go wrong with a fine dinner, glass of wine, and good company

6) I believe taking vacations is one of life’s greatest pleasures (and also when I get to visit family & friends)

photo (12)

7) I’ve been sky diving (A Christmas present from my daughter!)


8) I’m a Nana to my 4 year old grandson

Puerto Rico 2013 031

9) I met my present husband, Joseph, the night he was playing guitar at a Christmas party


10) Jesus is my Savior and he helps make my life Peaceful and FUN!


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Postcards Greyden book cover picture[1]

I had the privilege to meet Ferree Hardy last year who authored, Postcards from the Widow’s Path.” We first met through our blogs and then had the opportunity to have lunch one day when she was in Atlanta. It was wonderful to meet another remarried widow that had authored a widow’s book to show the glory she gives to God and how she walked by faith to a renewed life.

Please take a visit to Ferree’s website when you can, Widow’s Christian Place, to see the numerous resources she has for widows along with a link to purchase her book, Postcards from the Widow’s Path. Ferree’s book offers insight into the challenges of widowhood and how to achieve renewed life and hope. It gives a biblical understanding of God’s specific care and concern for widows

Ferree states that, “There are plenty of books about grief, and there are plenty of Bible studies about Ruth. But Postcards from the Widows’ Path is the only book that looks at Ruth through the eyes of a widow. Scripture comes alive as we see how God uses the examples of Ruth, Naomi and Orpah to guide us through the twists and turns of widowhood and into the deep love and compassion of God.”

It’s nice to know that there are many resources of hope for widows. We widows have to stick together and show, that if we pursue God’s help and provision in our lives, we can have a renewed life with joy, peace and purpose!

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