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This is my Gallery of Pictures of our Family:

Fam Photo

Casual Day Hanging Out- Some still in Pajamas! : Nelson, Cindy, Jessica & Nicole


Fam Photo 2

Dressed Up to go Somewhere- Visiting Family in Puerto Rico


Nelson and the girls0004

Dad and his Girls at home, with Shiba our Doberman


Nelson and the girls0005

Dad and Girls with Shades On


Mom pix0001

Loving Our Daddy- All set to go!


Nelson and the girls0006

Beach Day with Daddy


Puerto Rico

Celebrating Mom’s Birthday in Puerto Rico (the year we lived there)


Mission Trip 2

Mom and Daughters on Mission Trip in Costa Rica


Mission Trip

Jessica and Nicole Making Friends with Children in Costa Rica on their Mission Trip



Carribean Cruise: Cindy, Jessica, Nicole & our Friend April


Mom pix0003

Jessica is going to be a Mommy


Pictures 160

Easter with Cindy, Joseph, Jessica & Nicole


Puerto Rico 2013 031

Jessica, Brandon and my Grandson, Caleb, in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico 2013 068

Our Present Family in 2013 on a Vacation to Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico 2013 020We all need a break. Especially after we complete a life time goal. I completed my book, “A Widow’s Pursuit”, last year. I self-published it, put it on Amazon, and then threw a couple book parties to celebrate my accomplishment. After that, I converted the hard-copy into a kindle version to reach more readers. I know I have more marketing to do, but the book is done.

If I add up the time it took to journal, attend a writer’s group, (now that’s pain and suffering!) write endless drafts, have it edited, and have others read it for reviews and comments, we’re talking a total of about 17 years. An interesting fact is that I knew my first husband, before he died, for about 17 years!

So I closed this chapter of my life and celebrated my achievement. I choose to splurge with some of my closest family. My present husband, Joseph, agreed to a family vacation to Puerto Rico with our three daughters, my 4 year old grandson and his daddy. Seven of us in PR celebrating life!

Since my first husband’s parents still lived in Puerto Rico, it felt like a grand finale when we reunited and brought our blended families together. My daughters and I had traveled there several times and we also lived there for a year. So going back, one more time, felt like the circle of life was complete. It was a place I felt peace, joy, and purpose. It was a wonderful break this summer!

So what’s next? I’m planning to continue my pursuit to reach not only young widows, but others that are going through grief. There’s a purpose for everyone’s pain and suffering. It’s just a matter of pursuing God’s peace to help us through our darkest moments. During this time, our faith will grow and our purpose will be revealed. It’s actually a simple formula that promises us, life can be joyful and purposeful again!Puerto Rico 2013 068

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In the book, I Believe In Healing, there are stories not only from the Bible, but from people that are experiencing miracles today. These are stories that can’t be explained by natural means and it reminds us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

I was able to contribute to this book, one of my own true stories of healing, “A Serious Back Injury”. My testimony along with others can continue to strengthen our faith and trust God during times of sickness and injuries. The book is being sold on amazon as a hard copy or kindle version. A great gift for anyone needing more proof that miracles still happen! Click here to order.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALori is not only my “Book Designer” but a very special friend. I believe God places many of our friends in our lives for a purpose. When I moved to Georgia, Lori was my next door neighbor. She was an exceptional Graphic Art Designer for Coca-Cola until her life took a sharp turn. Marriage moved her 2 hours out of the Atlanta area. Although we don’t get to see each other as frequently as we’d like, we find a way when we can. We had fun working on the book cover together since it gave us an opportunity to get together. Soon after, she was able to celebrate with me at my book party!

Lori was part of an answer to my prayer, for finding the perfect cover for my book. On the first afternoon of searching the web, together we found the picture that I wanted to use for my book cover. Everything fell perfectly into place. It’s amazing when you feel God’s hand in the process. I don’t doubt for a minute that we didn’t have Divine Intervention!!! Every detail was covered. And having the best Graphic Art Designer was all part of His plan, too!

Visit Lori’s website: Lori’s Art & Photo Gallery, to see more beautiful art and paintings she has done.

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Book Cover

The cover of my book, “A Widow’s Pursuit”, was professionally taken by Rick Gomez. He photographed his wife and two daughters in Malibu, California, specifically for my cover.

Please check out his face book page:


As well as his website:


It was an answer to prayer!!!

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